Explorations Child Enrichment Center

A Special Child Care & Learning Center

Explorations Child Enrichment Center is a different kind of child care and learning center in Centerville, Ohio. Our staff is dedicated to providing a unique and outstanding experience for children when they are apart from you. We understand that your child's care is your top priority and it must be more than just adequate. It must be stimulating, safe, fun, enriching, and educational, every day.

We Believe That Every Child Deserves:

  • A clean, safe, & nurturing environment in which to learn and grow
  • An opportunity to learn about themselves while learning about the world all around
  • An exciting place to explore and expand their thinking with the guidance of dedicated and caring adults
  • To have their goals met through a carefully planned curriculum designed with age-appropriate activities and lessons
  • To be respected as a unique person in an environment where there is no discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
  • To spend their day in a friendly place where the lines of communication are always open between the children, the parents and the staff

Our Approach To Learning

We want to challenge our children to explore their world, and welcome new experiences that are offered to them from our qualified staff in a child-centered environment.  We understand that learning  happens through a variety of methods in several important content areas.

Self Discovery and Creativity

This is fundamental for every child.  In order to absorb new stimulus from all around, every child must first develop self awareness and confidence.  At Explorations, our staff uses planned activities as well as teachable moments to foster personal creative expression, while promoting cooperation and conflict resolution.  As children are allowed to be creative through art, dramatic play and music, they begin to build their self-esteem and gain confidence.  We understand that part of school success is being able to interact comfortably in a group setting as well as independently.

Physical Development

Each day we plan and implement activities that encourage both fine and gross motor development.  We achieve this with a focus on hand-eye coordination, following directions, manipulation of small objects and movement.  Our staff is well-trained, and uses many resources to help our children grow from their cores to their fingertips to their toes!


Our program is immersed in language!  We start with our youngest children with baby signs, vocabulary and music, and build from there.  As they get older, we can introduce curriculum to enhance emergent reading skills.  Each teacher understands the importance of language development, and enriches their learning with critical thinking, verbal expression and listening skills. 

Math and Science

Children are beginning to develop a mathematical understanding even at a very early age.  Science is an integral part of each child's natural world.  As our teachers plan creative daily lessons, they incorporate skills that help develop important math and science concepts such as comparing, predicting, reasoning and interpreting.  As we integrate math and science into our daily activities, we help our young learners to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.  

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, nurturing and enriching environment for your child to learn and grow in. We work very closely with Centerville schools to make sure that we are preparing our children for kindergarten and elementary grades.  We provide excellent homework help every day to our school-age students.  This is an important priority since our older children are busy with extra curricular evening activities, or just looking for family relaxation time at the end of the day.  We make sure that we are prepared to offer quality homework help by attending curriculum-based workshops, and spending time in the different schools with the teachers.  It's nice to know that when you pick up your child, the school work is done!

Explorations is not only a fun, safe and social place for a child to thrive, but an excellent educational facility for a child to learn!

Contact us at (937) 434-1935 or (877) 540-0640 in Centerville, Ohio, for experienced child care services.